Here you can buy IsThereHop? party passes and single tickets. If you bought a workshop pass for IsThereHoeppli?, IsThereHop? or IsThereHopPlus?, your party pass is aready included. Pre-sale ends on 6 April at midnight!

Each of the three IsThereHop? parties is dedicated to another theme. Our team will decorate the room and we will publish a little dress code on in February. Please dress up for the parties. There is no access with jeans, sneakers, trainiers, t-shirts and similar everyday-cloth. Thank you!

Single ticket (pre-sale): CHF 35/ CHF 30 (students)
Single ticket (box office): CHF 40/ CHF 35 (students)
PartyPass (3 parties): CHF 90/CHF 80 (students)

Please pay pre-sale tickets in advance. Tickets which are not paid in advanced are cancelled. We will send you the invoice after your booking.

Explanation booking form:
Anzahl Tickets ohne Legi = number of regular tickets
Anzahl Tickets mit Legi = number of tickets for students (with a valid student card from University)

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