We are convinced that you will find the appropriate level for you by reading the level description below. And of course, you are a fair dancer and don’t try to cheat yourself into a level which is too difficult for you.

So, except for the level Chocolate Brown, there won’t be any audition.

You have never danced Lindy Hop before but you still want to sign up?
There are, unfortunately, no beginner classes at IsThereHop? this year. But why don’t you sign up for one of our regular beginner classes before IsThereHop? After one beginner class, you are ready for the level Lime Green. You will find more info about regular classes here.

What's your level?

Lime Green
You’ve just had a taste of Lindy Hop a few weeks or months ago but you’re already loving it. You’ve already taken a few classes, you know the Swingout, the Lindy Circle and maybe you’ve already tried some Charleston.

You still feel a bit insecure on the dance floor but you are very motivated to enlarge your repertoire with simple steps and to work on your leading/following skills. Then this is exactly your level. Easy rhythms and kind teachers will help you to enjoy it, and will get you swinging in no time!

Deep Purple
You are an active Lindy Hopper and the social dance floor grabs your attention ever more often. You’ve got the basics down and can rely on them in any situation. You might have visited a workshop apart from your regular dance lessons your maybe you train regularly in addition to your dance lessons.
Now it is time for you to gain more confidence and variety in your dancing. That’s why in this level you will work on your connection, musicality, faster Swingouts and some fresh moves.

Chocolate Brown
Does one of the two level description suit you? Then sign up Chocolate Brown. An audition in your first lesson will decide whether you will attend Chocolate Brown 1 or 2.

This is the ideal level for an amateur dancer with several years of experience. You’ve visited other workshops and have become good friends with the dance floor. You can show a good variety of moves and you can play with your body tension to create comfortable connection with your partner. You also manage to react to your dance partner in order to create a two way communication and you are not afraid of more complicated moves or fast music.

A genuine urge to tackle new challenges will lead to the use of your rock-solid basics to work on new combinations, musical interpretation, your technique and your styling.

You consider yourself an experienced dancer who’s been dancing for a couple of years now. Neither fast nor irregular rhythms scare you anymore. Most of your holidays are spent at international advanced workshops, and you’re a regular to your local dance floor, where you focus on the music, rather than dancing patterns. You might even dance in a show dance company or maybe you’ve just recently started teaching Lindy Hop yourself.

Now, you are looking for a new challenge and are ready to work extensively on the quality of your movement and your own style. If all of this applies to you, this is your level. Complicated rhythms will be combined with sophisticated body movements to achieve a whole new level of connection. Every now and then, touching the abstract will put you in a different state of mind, so be warned: Teachers in this level will expect dancers to have very solid basics and will not repeat simple concepts.

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