Friday, 10 April 9:30pm at Silbando (Förrlibuckstrasse 62) in Zürich

Speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Such establishments came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–1933, longer in some states.”
(Source Wikipedia)

It is a dark night somewhen in the 1920ies. Flickering Street lamps show you the way through the streets of Harlem. Prohibition is in full swing. The sale of any alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden and many of the saloons around the city have closed their doors.

A friend earlier explained to you – in a low voice – how to reach your destination. People are passing by, some of them chatting to each other, some hurried and with a hooded head.

You arrive at an unremarkable building. Some stairs lead up to a small concrete platform. To your left side is a metal door with framed glass. You knock three times. A little window in the door opens. “What do you want?” asks a deep voice. “Three sandwiches and a glass of water please”. This is the code for getting inside. “Speak easy”, the deep voice warns you.

The door opens, you are rushed inside, pass through a corridor and a second door and find yourself in the middle of a crazy crowd. People in tuxedos and flapper dresses are swirling and swinging around on the dance floor. A band is playing and at the bar in the background, whiskey, rum and gin is served as if the law had never changed.

You can’t withstand the charm and gaiety of the place and soon you are yourself swinging through the room with your dance partner smiling at you.

Band: Barbara Morrison and Dani Felber Quartet
Swing DJ: to be announced

Get inspired by the late 20ies and the very early 30ies. Dress up festively, for a special occasion, the party of your life. Dress up in 20ies fashion completely or wear some of that time’s typical accessories (cloche hat, pearl necklace, cylinder, fedora etc.). You’ll find a few helpful websites below.

Please note: We won’t check your accessories for 20ies authenticity, and we certainly won’t ask you to buy an expensive dress/suit for the party. But we expect you to come dressed up elegantly and suitably. Everyday cloths such as jeans, sneakers, track suit trousers and t-shirts are a no-go. Our doorman is entitled to send you home, right away to change if you show up in your everyday clothes.

To dress up means to contribute to the unique atmosphere at our parties. The party location provides a small dressing room with a small mirror in case you need to change after your arrival. Thank you.

Ladies fashion: Cloche hats, flapper dress, elegant headbands (decorated with feathers) or noble gloves are just some accessories you might want to put on.

Inspiration for the classic 20ies look: Vecona Vintage, Vintage Dancer, Unique Vintage

Gentlemen’s fashion: Suit up! Take your best shirt and combine it with a three piece (trousers, vest and jacket). You can also go for Oxford bags, suspenders, a vest or a bow tie. Fedora hats or cylinders are perfect accessories, the same goes for a handkerchief or a trilby hat.

Inspiration for the classic 20ies look:Vecona Vintage, Vintage Dancer

Where to get your dress
Your wardrobe might already provide you with the perfect dress/suit for the evening. If not then check out one of the following places in Zurich and around:

Buy affordable:  Brockenhaus, Barbar Second Hand, Fizzen
Buy exquisit: Powder Room, Rewake, Blenda, Hazel's Boudoir

Rent a dress
verkleiderei: The owner of verkleiderei is herself a dancer and knows IsThereHop? very well. Her store offers a wide range of vintage costumes to rent. Show your IsThereHop? boarding pass and get 10% discount for your IsThereHop? dress or suit.

TICKETS (presale is closing on 6 April!)
Ticket at box office: CHF 40.00/CHF 35.00 (students)
Ticket presale: CHF 35.00/CHF 30.00 (students)
Party pass for all 3 parties (presale only): CHF 90.00/CHF 80.00 (students)

Partypass is included in IsThereHopPlus?, IsThereHop? and IsThereHoeppli? workshop pass.

IsThereHop? pre-sale tickets need to be paid in advance via bank transfer. Otherwise the tickets are cancelled. At the party we only accept cash. You'll find some ATMs in the area, for example at Puls 5 or Hardbrücke.

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