Friday, 30 March 9:30pm at Silbando (Förrlibuckstrasse 62) in Zürich

Chicago 1929: A saxophone player and a bass player are trying to run from the mafia. By dressing up as women, they manage to get assigned to the all-ladies-band and from there the story takes its twists and turns…

The "Some Like It Hot", starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon was releases in 1959 became a great success and received an Oscar for best costumes. Of course, it also features some great songs like "Runnin’ Wild", "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "I wanna be loved by you".

At IsThereHop?’s Friday party we will bring Marilyn, Tony and Jack back. Be ready to board a train full of jolly, quick-fitted moments, to fall in love madly in Miami and to escape onto a yacht with a “squeezed-out tube of toothpaste”.

And remember “Nobody is perfect”.

Live on stage: Natty Congeroo & the Flames of Rhythm
Swing DJ's: Our residents and of course, our special guest DJ Stephan Wuthe from Berlin!

Let yourself inspire from the late 20ies and the very early 30ies. If it hasn’t become obvious until now: Dear Gentlemen, this is your opportunity to cross-dress.

Ladies fashion: Cloche hats, flapper dress, elegant headbands (decorated with feathers), noble gloves are just some accessories you might to put on.

You might find some inspiration here or here.

Gentlemen’s fashion:
Suit up! Take your best shirt and combine it with a three piece (trousers, vest and jacket). An elegant sailor’s suit will be perfect as well. You can also go for Oxford bags, suspenders, a vest or a bow tie.

You might find some inspiration here.

Please note: We won’t check your every accessory for 20ies authenticity. But we expect you to come dressed up elegantly and suitably. Jeans, sneakers, track suit trousers and t-shirts are a no-go. And yes, our doorman is entitled to send you home, right away to change if you show up in your everyday clothes!
To dress up means to contribute to the unique atmosphere at our parties. The party location provides a small dressing room with a small mirror in case you need to change after your arrival. Thank you.

Where to get your dress
Vintage shops, Brockenhaus or second hand stores might be a good place to buy affordable dresses.

TICKETS (presale is closing on 25 March!)
Ticket at box office: CHF 40.00/CHF 35.00 (students)
Ticket presale: CHF 35.00/CHF 30.00 (students)
Party pass for all 3 parties (presale only): CHF 90.00/CHF 80.00 (students)

Partypass is included in IsThereHopPlus? and IsThereHop? workshop pass.
Party ticket for Friday and Saturday is included in IsThereHoeppli? workshop pass.

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