Terms and contidtions

Registration for Swing Production workshops are binding. If you cancel your registration because of an important reason until two weeks before the IsThereHop? workshop starts, we will reimburse you 50% of the fee. If you cancel your registration later than two weeks before the workshop starts, we can not reimburse you. The only exception is illness/accident (see below). However, also in this case an administration fee of CHF 40.00 will remain due.

The invoice is sent by e-mail. Workshop fees are to be paid 10 days after reception of the invoice or latest (in case of short notice registration) before the workshop starts.

Account details:
PC 87-193600-9
IBAN CH0809000000871936009

Should you become ill or unable to dance because of an accident, the workshop fee will only be reimbursed if we receive a medical certificate and we will charge an administration fee of CHF 40.00.

We hope you can attend all the classes. Please note that we can not reimburse you for missed classes. We are still thankful if you let us know (e-mail to help@istherehop.ch) so that we can organize an additional leader/follower for the class.

Students will receive a discount for the workshop as well as the parties. Please bring your student card to the workshop/parties.

Alternatively, you can also apply as a volunteer and get a discount.

If you are from abroad and it is not possible for you to work as a volunteer but you can't afford the workshop, you can write us an e-mail to help@istherehop.ch. We can not guarantee a reducation but we will see what we can do in your case.

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