Schedule Is there Hop? 2018

The schedule will be published here.

Classes from Friday to Sunday
Classes will take part between 10am to 6pm. Lunch break is between 1:15pm until 2:45pm. Every level has two classes per day plus one choice class where levels are mixed. Don't miss the daily meeting at 2:45pm.

Classes on Monday
Classes on Monday take part between 11am and 5pm. Join us for the byebye cocktail afterwards.

Check-In Friday: between 8:30am and 11am (depending on your level)
Check-In Monday: 10:30am until 11am

Please bring your boarding pass as well as your student card if you sign up for a reduced option.

Audition - Only for Chocolate Brown
Level Chocolate Brown will be split into two groups via audition on Friday. If you booked Chocolate Brown, please be at the check-in early on Friday.

Classes and parties will take place at Club Silbando, Foerrlibuckstr. 62, 8005 Zuerich (how to get there).

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