Here you can register for the workshop but you can also buy a party pass, and single tickets for each party. Pre-sale for party tickets will close on 25 March. Please select "Level" to find the party tickets.

A booking form for workshop lunches will be sent to you by e-mail a while after your registration.

If you register as a couple it is necessary that both dancers register seperately. Please note the name of your dance partner in your registration. For IsThereHoeppli? it is mandatory to register with a dance partner.

Please read our level descriptions and our Terms & Conditions carefully before you sign up and keep in mind that there is going to be an audition for the level Chocolate Brown but not for the other levels.

For prices, please visit "Option and Prices".


IsThereMonday? (solo Jazz) still has free spots in every level.

For Leaders:
There are still 2 - 3 free spots in each of the following workshop options:

- IsThereHop?IsThereHopPlus? Lime Green
- IsThereHop?IsThereHopPlus? Deep Purple
- IsThereHop?IsThereHopPlus? Chocolate Brown

For Followers and Couples:
Spots for Couples and single Followers are sold out. However, you can still join us:

1. IsThereMonday? (solo): This workshop option takes place on Monday. You work on solo Jazz steps and routins, which will also help you to improve your dancing.

2. Party pass: Enjoy all three parties without having to get up for classes in the morning ;).

3. Waiting List: You can sign up for IsThereHop?/IsThereHopPlus?. If someone else cancels her/his registration, we can move you into the workshop.

The following workshop options are sold out:

IsThereHoeppli? Lime Green, Deep Purple, Chocolate Brown

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