Natty Congeroo & the Flames of Rhythm

(Friday & Saturday)

With Natty Congeroo and the Flames of Rhythm IsThereHop? 2017 has yet again the honour to welcome one of the leading Swing Bands in Europe live on stage.

The combo which is first and foremost known for its explosive and rousing interpretations of classic Hot Jazz, Swing, Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Gospel numbers does also have a reputation for its unique sense of style and presentations with its members dressed to the nines in sharp and eccentric tailored vintage attire.

Whoever has seen band leader and legendary showman Natty Congeroo before, will also remember him for his flamboyant style and together with the other players of the band, The Sizzle, The Killer Diller, Lá Bass, Dr Kitch and La Mamba, the band will binrg unrivalled levels of excitement and astonishing musical skills to IsThereHop? 2017.


The Hebbe Sisters with special guest Silvan Zingg


In summer 2016, we were excited to host the three gorgeous, talented and highly skilled Hebbe Sisters on stage at Silbando. Their passion for (Swing) music and their charming, witty performance perfectly matched the joy and enthusiasm of the swing dancers on the dance floor. When we though the evening could not get any better, a smartly dressed gentleman suddenly and spontaneously went on stage and sat himself in front of the piano.

To our amazement, the handsome gentleman turned out to be the well-known Jazz, Blues and Boogie Woogie   pianist Silvan Zingg. One could not have thought of a better match and the evening went on for quite a while with a thrilled audience and a lot of grandeur on stage.

And now, all of them will be back together at IsThereHop? 2017. We can’t wait for another night with The Hebbe Sisters and special guest Silvan Zingg.

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